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In psychotherapy, the therapist strives to help the individ to observe, analyze and draw conclusions about the events of his life and to gain awareness of his ideas, thoughts and feelings. This can be a great help for the client to create a better life through these skills.

You can also if you like use the tools and methods being introduced here to achieve same goals on your own. The tools being meditation, self observation, dream journal and diary. All four methods are effective ways to get to know yourself better and to create space for new thoughts, find solutions to problems,  find the way forward in harmony with one’s interests and talents, and much, much more. Using these methods that I refer to as tools, together, result in great effects, but each of the tools can be used independently of each other if you so wish.

If you want to start slowly and want to choose only one tool, I recommend 30 minutes of daily meditation. If you do not have time for 30 minutes, try to meditate anyway as long as you can. 30 minutes of meditation is very good but shorter meditations are also beneficial.

In this blog you will get tips on both general and specific exercises. You can then apply the same method to any area of ​​your life. To begin with, I will include a number of exercises on what we can use our inner dialogue for. Those exercises help us to define our own individual areas for improvement. Keep up to date with upcoming blogs with these exercises. Feel free to try these exercises and you will notice that soon you can use the method for all possible improvements you like to achieve.

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