I am Katayoun

My name is Katayoun. I was born and raised in Iran and have lived in Sweden since 1985.
I have always been interested in people and psychology, but at first I studied technology, which has led me to both small and large companies in my working life. Initially as a technician and developer and soon project manager and managerial roles. This technical training and work orientation has helped me train my logical and systematic skills.
In 2010, my focus began to shift somewhat from the practicalities of building a home and satisfying my practical needs to reflecting more on my inner self and my well-being.
I started by participating in group meditations, which came with unimaginable insights about myself and my behaviors, my connection to other people, with animals and nature.


In 2014, I received my first breast cancer diagnosis. It was of course a very difficult journey. I was on sick leave for 8 months during treatments and recovery but then I started studying psychology in parallel with my job. Since then, I have immersed myself in psychology and philosophy, my personal development and also spirituality. I have held esteemed courses in meditation and personal development and acted as a coach and sounding board for friends and colleagues.

I am now on my third breast cancer journey and going through chemotherapy treatments. Although this page is mainly about well-being and personal growth, I think I have some experience to share on the subject of going through cancer.
My academic qualifications are computer engineering from Jönköping University, Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Södertörn University and independent courses in both psychology and philosophy at Umeå University. I have also been curious about the spirituality and participated in courses in both mediumship and healing.
My purpose with this page is to share my experiences, thoughts and my discoveries regarding psychology and well-being, in order to contribute to the collective well-being and reflection. We live in a turbulent time. I believe that prosperous people are able to make good decisions and thus not only cope better themselves as the wind blows but also be positive forces for their surroundings.

I also hope for reciprocity and mind tickling conversations. So do not hesitate to email me with your thoughts, ideas and opinions. They are very welcome.
And if you like the page, feel free to share it with your friends and acquaintances.

What I Do


Meditation, Personal development, Self-observation More…


Experienced sounding board and support for your personal and professional goals


The positive effects of meditation. Why invest in personal development?

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